Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property rights are essential components of many business and creative enterprises. Creators and innovators of all types, from individuals to large corporate entities, have valuable intellectual property assets that must be secured and protected. For many, these assets are key to their economic survival.

Robinson Curley's intellectual property attorneys have represented and counseled a variety of clients - from individuals starting new ventures to Fortune 500 Companies - in a wide range of intellectual property matters. We have vigorously protected and enforced the intellectual property rights of software developers, advertising firms, telecommunications companies, clothing designers, manufacturers, artists, libraries, and entertainment concerns. Our attorneys have achieved successful outcomes for clients in state and federal courts, as well as in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and United States Copyright Office. 

Robinson Curley attorneys have also defended their clients' intellectual property rights through cease-and-desist letters and demands to remove infringing materials from websites. We also have represented recipients of cease-and-desist letters and crafted responses that led to the withdrawal of threatened claims. We have counseled clients on Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice and Takedown procedures. We have successfully forced websites to take down materials that violated our clients' rights.