Workplace disputes are taxing on employers and employees alike. These conflicts not only drain resources and attention from employers’ business, but also carry the potential for unfair stigmatization and depleted morale. At the same time, such disputes may threaten employees’ livelihoods and dignity.  Both sides benefit from skilled counsel adept at identifying and resolving problems before they turn into crises.  When conflict is unavoidable, both sides require a zealous advocate skilled at achieving a fair, favorable and cost-effective resolution. 

Robinson Curley employment attorneys have represented clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, to individuals and classes of workers. Having seen disputes from every angle, our attorneys can spot weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the other side's position that might not be readily apparent to lawyers versed in only one perspective.  

Employment Litigation

Robinson Curley has successfully represented employers and employees before state and federal courts and administrative bodies, and favorably resolved numerous disputes pre-filing. Notable cases include:

  • Prevailing on a race retaliation claim before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Obtaining summary judgment in disability and age discrimination cases for a Fortune 500 corporation.
  • Winning a multi-million-dollar judgment for a client in a harassment and discrimination case.
  • Successfully defending a major Chicago financial institution in an age discrimination case.
  • Favorably settling a racial harassment class action after one week of trial.


We know that employment law involves more than resolving conflicts; our employment attorneys often assist clients in avoiding problems, whether by drafting sound agreements, developing appropriate personnel policies, or helping employers effectively respond to allegations of misconduct before they erupt into full-fledged disputes. We have also served as independent investigators for corporations and educational institutions to determine whether employment-related complaints were valid and, if so, how best to correct the problems they raised.

Our lawyers have served as neutral arbitrators, mediators, and administrative hearing officers in employment cases.  Our employment lawyers can help clients navigate the maze of employment laws and regulations, both state and federal, that impact the employer-employee relationship.